Contemporary art and modern art media can be extensively discussed and vice versa! This art is inherently evolving and thus escapes from all accepted classifications or distorts their marginalization. In this regard, the present study aims to evaluate the principles, characteristics, and methods of the glitch art genre. A descriptive method is used to analyze the findings since the subject of the research and consequently, the collected data are of qualitative type. The study focuses on investigating the type and content, and visual characteristics of the glitch, as well as the methods of creating visual glitches, the genre of the glitch art, and the design techniques of this art. In addition, it seeks to introduce the glitch art as a genre of visual art which is capable of becoming the language of the glitch art that is a tangible language for all human beings to reach a multiple concept of digital art. More precisely, the study attempts to identify and review video data and audio noises, pixel patterns, and digital techniques. The investigations revealed that the application of digital visual interruptions and the breaking of image pixels, a superfluous or anti-aesthetic concept in appearance can lead to the manifestation of glitch art, which ultimately, leading to visual beauty by the artist’s creativity. Glitch is a unique polymorphic art form and medium that results in the development of new styles.