Research in art is a complex and has a wide-rang category. The nature of works of art stems above all from the power of initiative, the searching mind of man and the power of his imagination and Without doubt, it differs from the basis of other human achievements. In the case of contemporary art and new artistic media, it is possible to say all the opposite. This art is inherently evolving. Contemporary art flees all of the accepted categories, or strips them up. Here everything can be art, but not in every situation. Contemporary artist lives with his era technology. The industrial, consumer, and communications society provides him with the possibility of modern and pervasive expression. Art is done in various methods, which is no longer defined as ever. These methods are free. Media and computers allow people who are unable to design, producing works with rich aesthetic content. This study has a general overview of the genesis and evolution of these arts and their evolutions in the second field of the twentieth century.